Daily Devotional for Thursday June 23, 2022

The “gasbag in chief” and his gas lies! and, The right question!


(Isaiah 55:8,9)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, today I give You my burdens, my trials and tribulations. Instead of wasting precious time worrying about the trials of life, this day, show me how to serve You. Use my life today for Your Kingdom and be glorified through my service. Thank You for loving me enough to taking my burdens and my faith is in You today to work all things together for my good. No matter what life brings my way, I will always praise You!!! In the name of Jesus...AMEN!

***THE DAILY LIVEPRAYER TV NUGGET: We all know politicians lie. It is simply part of the evil human institution of politics. However this current “avatar” President lies to your face thinking you are stupid! The sad fact is, he doesn’t even know he is lying, he is just reading the lies his Obama globalist handlers have written for him to read. In the few times Biden actually campaigned leading up to the 2020 election and in the 2 Presidential debates, Biden clearly stated he would end the oil and gas industry. There was no equivocation. Within hours of being inaugurated, this illegitimate “avatar” President signed an Executive Order killing the Keystone Pipeline along with 40,000 good paying jobs. His administration has purposely imposed policies to follow through on his promise to once and for all kill the fossil fuel industry. Gas was $1.76/gal on President Trump’s last day. It is right at $5/gal today. MAKE NO MISTAKE, NO MATTER WHAT LIES BIDEN READS OFF A TELEPROMPTER, IT WAS THE POLICIES OF THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION, THEIR WAR ON THE OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY THAT IS 95% RESPONSIBLE FOR THE PRICE OF GAS TODAY! AS THE MONTHS HAVE ROLLED ON, THOSE IN THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION LIKE ENERGY SECRETARY GRANHOLM, SECRETARY OF TRANSPORTATION MAYOR “PETEY,” EVEN BIDEN HIMSELF, HAVE BEEN MORE OPEN IN PROCLAIMING THEY ARE FINE WITH THE HIGH GAS PRICES SINCE IT IS PUSHING US CLOSER TO TRANSITIONING TO GREEN ENERGY AND ELECTRIC CARS! PERIOD!!! So Biden’s first gimmick (Trust me, as the November mid-terms loom closer he will give out “free” gas cards.) is to suspend the .18 cent Federal gas tax, something that will do NEXT TO ZERO to help consumers. He is also asking states to suspend their state gas tax. We will see how much support he gets in the House and Senate for this gimmick, I doubt much. As he read what they wrote for him, he repeated 2 HUGE lies. He claims he cut the deficit by $1.6 trillion dollars. LIE! He is referring to a ONE-TIME DISBURSEMENT to help people and businesses during the Chinese Flu. The fact we didn’t make another ONE-TIME DISBURSEMENT doesn’t mean he cut anything! He also repeated the oft told lie we are in the midst of an historic economic recovery. THE TRUTH IS WE ARE IN THE MIDST OF THE WORST ECONOMIC MESS SINCE THE CARTER YEARS IN THE LATE 70s! But “avatar” Biden wasn’t thru. He had to make sure to also blame his two favorite whipping boys, Big Oil and Putin. Once again he claims it is the fault of Big Oil for not bringing more oil out of the ground and refining that oil, while also charging them with price gouging. Why would Big Oil invest hundreds of millions of dollars in drilling and refining when our government is going to fight them every inch of the way. They would be fools if they did. The fact is, during the Trump Administration they were making HUGE investments in drilling since they had the full assurance the Trump Administration would help them to succeed and kill as many regulations and obstacles as they could. AT THE END OF THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION WE WERE FOR THE FIRST TIME ENERGY INDEPENDENT AND ON THE VERGE OF BEING THE MOST DOMINANT ENERGY PRODUCER ON THE PLANET. HAD THE TRUMP POLICIES CONTINUED THEY WOULD HAVE CRIPPLED THE RUSSIAN ENERGY SECTOR WHICH REPRESENTS THE BULK OF THEIR ECONOMY. IT WOULD HAVE ALSO IMPACTED OPEC, WHICH THANKS TO BIDEN’S WAR ON FOSSIL FUELS IS RECORDING RECORD PROFITS WITH NEARLY A 9% GDP! WE JUST HAD A QUARTER OF NEGATIVE GDP! THAT ENERGY DOMINANCE WOULD HAVE ALSO CUT DEEPLY INTO THE OIL PROFITS OF IRAN AND VENEZUELA. BIDEN IS CURRENTLY BUYING OIL FROM OPEC, IRAN, AND VENEZUELA WHILE WE HAVE THE MOST OIL OF ANY NATION RIGHT HERE IN THE USA! Of course he couldn’t leave out the lie of the “Putin price hike” due to the war in Ukraine, a war I remind you we played a HUGE role in starting and have spent over $60 billion dollars we don’t have over the last 4 months to keep going despite having ZERO US interests at stake. Biden made this ludicrous statement that the American people have to sacrifice to pay more for gas so we can stop Vladimir Putin. Pure cow pies! By the way, the ruble that we attempted to destroy is up 25% since the war began and Putin is currently selling record amounts of oil and gas generating record profits. The sad reality is, 100% of this pain everyone is having to deal with never had to happen. IT WAS 100% DONE ON PURPOSE BY OBAMA AND THE GLOBALISTS TO DESTROY THE OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY AND TRANSITION TO GREEN ENERGY THAT WILL QUADRUPLE OR MORE WHAT YOU CURRENTLY PAY FOR GAS AND ELECTRIC!!! My friend, unnecessary pain like this is what a nation under the judgment of God looks like!

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I have preached a message over the years called, "The Right Question." It is a message you need today because everyone comes to that place in life when they ask, "Why God?" I can't tell you how many times over the last 30 years of ministry I've been with people at a funeral, in a hospital room, in a counseling session, and inevitably the same question always gets asked, "Why, why is God allowing this to happen?" "Why is this happening?" "Why doesn't God care?" "Why doesn't God stop this?" "Why doesn't God step in and change this?" "Why, why, why God?"

First of all, that is a natural question. Don't feel bad. As a matter of fact, if you haven't asked that question you're not normal. We all come to that place from time to time, especially in the midst of serious trials in our life when we look up at God and we just say, "Why God? "Where are you?" "Why aren't you helping me?" "Why God?" Today, I want to help you to ask the proper question. "Why God" is the natural question, however, the proper question is, "What, God?"

Living in this sin-filled world that we do, a world full of men living in utter rebellion to God and His Word, there is incredible evil all around us. Because of that sin and evil, there is always going to be bad things happening. That is simply part of this human experience. Just hours before going to the cross, Jesus took His disciples to the side and said, "in this life, you are going to have trials and tribulations."

Jesus didn't want His disciples to think that just because they had walked with Him, that their life was going to be a bed of roses. Anybody who thinks that when you get saved you automatically receive a free pass from the trials and tribulations from life is sadly mistaken. You see, trials and tribulations are part of living in this sin-filled and evil world that we do. Just like death is part of this life, the trials and tribulations we all face during our life are also part of this human experience.

Now, you can go through the trials and tribulations of life, face those difficult circumstances we all have along our journey and whine and moan and complain and ask "Why God," or you can ask the proper question which is, "What, God?" What God, what can I learn from this situation? God what lesson can I take from this experience? Most importantly, "God, what can I do to serve You through this?"

You read in the Book of Acts about some of the experiences Paul went through. Repeatedly tossed into prison for his faith, chased out of towns, people trying to kill him, but you never read about Paul asking God why. Instead he asked, "What God can I do to glorify You through all that I am going through?" You see my friend, that has got to be your response to the trials and tribulations that you face in this life. Instead of wasting your time and energy moaning and complaining and asking God why, figure out what you can do in the midst of your trials and tribulations to serve Him and bring glory to His name.

You see, our purpose in this life is to serve and glorify God. That's our purpose. That purpose doesn't change just because we're going through a difficult time. I'll never forget in the early days of Liveprayer when we were facing what seemed to be insurmountable pressures and problems and issues every day. One day I really need to sit down and write a book about the first year of Liveprayer and the miracle it was that we survived, as a testimony of God's faithfulness. I'd sit here and break down if I started to tell you half of the things that we went through in those early days. But instead of sitting there and complaining and asking God "why" every day, I finally came to a place where I said, "God what can I do to serve and glorify you this day?"

Many of the things you are asking "Why, God," are out of your control. In most cases, you can't control the fact that you've got cancer in your body, got laid off from your job, your husband or wife left you, or your son or your daughter is living their lives in rebellion to God. So many of the things that we face in our life are things that we have no control over in the first place. It's at those times that your faith has got to become real and you have to put your complete faith and trust in God. When you do that, you are no longer sitting there asking, "Why, God, why is this happening to me?" Instead, you are asking, "What, God, what can I do for you?"

I love you and care about you so much. Do you want to start living in freedom? Do you want to start living with that joy in your heart? Do you want to start living with that peace the Bible says passes all human understanding? Oh, my friend, when you are not asking why anymore, but instead are asking what, there is a peace, there is a joy, there is a freedom you can't even put into words. It is indescribable. You see, Jesus, after He told His disciples that there would be trials and tribulations quickly added, "but be of good cheer because I have overcome this world!"

My friend, God knows what your problems are today. Give them to Him since I guarantee you He can handle them better than you can. What that does is free you up to not waste your time and energy asking why, but spend it serving the Lord. You need to ask, "What, God, what can I do for you today, what can I do to serve you today?" I know many of you are hurting and going through difficult times right now. My admonition to you, my counsel to you, my encouragement for you is to change your question. Change your question from, "Why, God" to "What, God."

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller